Information for Family and Friends


At LightHouse Clinic, we make every attempt to work closely with the family and friends of our patients.  A good support network is necessary for any of us to live to our fullest.  But to a person who is having difficulty and has sought therapy, such support is even more essential.  While the particulars of the psychotherapy sessions are strictly confidential, we try to help the families and friends of our patients to provide the much needed support and love.  This may include family meetings and discussions in which one of our psychotherapists is present.

Since psychotherapy encourages and teaches honest communication, it cannot help but have a beneficial impact on the relationships of the patient.  Psychotherapy also encourages change.  But as the patient changes, family and friends may feel unsure of how to relate to him or her.  LightHouse Clinic makes every effort to help families and friends understand and accept these changes, thus providing a more harmonious and loving environment.

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