Our Philosophy

The LightHouse Clinic is a private, out-patient facility that provides high-quality Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling for a wide range of mental health issues.  We aim to provide a beacon of hope and a safe harbour at times of crisis when life’s seas feel unsafe and hostile. At the LightHouse Clinic, we believe that each person is a unique constellation of experience and heredity.  As such, each person requires a therapy that is tailored to their individual needs rather than the ‘one-size fits all’ brand name approach to psychotherapy currently in vogue.

LightHouse Clinic sees the relationship between the therapist and the client as the focal point of therapy.  Therefore, great care and effort are always given to build a relationship based upon honesty, trust, respect and love.  Once such contact is made, the LightHouse Clinic therapist will bring to bear their extensive training and experience in facilitating healing and growth.

Our therapists have been trained in many methods or ‘schools’ of psychotherapy and understand the value of each.  But we never lose sight of the fact that it is the meeting of hearts and minds and the genuine respect and love that ensues from these meetings that are the ultimate source of healing in psychotherapy.

Salubrious Passage, Swansea, SA1 3RT, United Kingdom
(t) 07971 753697
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