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There are as many reasons to seek psychotherapy as there are people.  At LightHouse Clinic, we treat each person with the respect and care that they deserve, regardless of the nature of their difficulty.  We are as eager and as able to help tjhose with psychiatric and/or psychological ‘diagnosis’ and ‘disorders’ as we are those without.

We believe that psychiatric or psychological ‘disorders’ can be viewed as ‘normal’ reactions to abnormal, painful, and often traumatic circumstances. Therefore, we endeavour to assist our clients’ understanding of these reactions, thereby alleviating some of the shame so often attached to mental health diagnosis.  Our therapists bring to the task vast experience with working with such complex issues as Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Adult ADHD, to name a few.

At the LightHouse Clinic we also acknowledge and appreciate the fact that people of different ages present different challenges and needs.  Understanding these differences allows our therapists to address them successfully.

Substance misuse and addiction is rife throughout all layers of society.  However, certain professions (doctors, solicitors, airline pilots, etc.) may be hesitant to seek treatment owing to the need for discretion.  LightHouse Clinic offers an Impaired Professionals service for such people where treatment is one on one and highly personalised.

In addition to providing the full complement of Psychometric Testing and Psychological Assessment,  our Psychologists have vast experience in working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Trauma Symptoms. In fact, LightHouse Clinic has now offering a PTSD Clinic for victims of trauma.  PTSD becomes more difficult to treat the longer one waits to begin treatment.  LightHouse Clinic offers treatment with immediate access.  Our Psychologists also provide stress management and Executive Coaching for over-burdened executives in the Swansea Area.

LightHouse Clinic also features the only Consultant Psychiatrist working privately in the Swansea area.  Our Consultant provides an ‘assess and advise’ service, where recommendations for treatment (including medications) and reports are passed along to the patient’s GP.

Finally, every LightHouse Clinic practitioner is able and qualified to write reports, including medical-legal reports, for our patients and/or their solicitors.

We believe that one does not have to have a psychiatric or psychological ‘disorder’ to be profoundly unhappy and/or distressed.  At LightHouse Clinic, we recognise that life is often painful and stressful, and that we sometimes need help negotiating these difficult, choppy seas.  Bereavement, loss of job, divorce, caring for someone who is ill or disabled; these are just a few examples of life’s difficulties.  Likewise, moving from one phase of life to another can be equally disconcerting and troublesome.  At LightHouse Clinic, we treat such concerns with equal measure of care and expertise.

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